“WE CAN” is a student empowered organisation in NIT Agartala working to empower economically backward students in the neighbouring villages of NIT Agartala. WE believe that A PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN SWORD,so,we strive to empower these children with knowledge so that they can lead their life with pride.They say that even a long journey starts with a single step,this is our first step to see a self-efficient and prosperous INDIA with people educated everywhere. Come join us because Together WE CAN change the world.

Our organisation is a free will organisation in which we work as asocial responsible citizen without any partiality.This organisation is not of a single person but is is of all and we welcome all persons who with will and wish come forward to join our family.As our constitution says WE CAN is also an organisation OF THE PEOPLE,BY THE PEOPLE,FOR THE CHILDREN.


We have seen many small children working in shops ,Dhabas ,….etc. we got pity for them when we found out that they what to study but cannot because of their economic position.There are many people in our country who only dream of going to school.We believe that good education brings good culture and thus good responsibility.Due to lack of education many children are diverted into criminal activities,due to which crime increases.We Dream of making at least dreams of some of these children come true. We may be only a few now but our determination is strong and we believe that Where there is a will there is a way.

Studies reveal that children have good grasping power,if we show them right path now,they can develop into a good citizen in future.Mud can be moulded when it is wet but not when it is dry.


WE CAN started as a step to provide education to economically backward students.We used to go the village and collect the students who were a few and teach them in the room allocated to us by the villagers.We faced many problems due to bad weather,electricity,..etc.After certain time Many children were interested to come but we lacked space.Then,we consulted our authority who were very supportive and now with their help we started teaching in our campus and now WE CAN is a very big family.


WE CAN is a social organisation and any member willing to take part in the social development is welcomed by our family.The members have to work by their will and no other special privileges are provided.We do not provide any sort of certificate. The confirmation of membership will be done only after 2 months of service. All the members are not needed to teach,any person willing to help us by any mode is welcomed.The modes can be like online promotions, Sponsorships ..etc.,


In our Family We believe that all are equal.So,we do not have any ranks in the volunteers,there is no president or vice president,and all are members. The decisions are taken by all the members by organising meetings.The funds collected are transferred to WE CAN account which is managed by 2 persons.