Parasparam Bhaw yantu…

Team Literacy (PRAYAS) is heading towards its mission of providing maximum possible support to those who struggle even for the basic amenities of life. We aim to impart them the quality education and, hence enable them to stand firm in this competitive world.

Here in and around NITH there are many children who are in need of education, but can’t get it because of lack of resources. They are those who can do much more in life but are restricted because there parents don’t have money to support them. People around don’t treat them properly because they are poor. But we, the team members of Literacy Mission, think about them in a diffrent way.

We think that :

Let Us Give Them What They Need,
And Make Them Achieve What They Can,
But Not Leave Them What They Are…


Abiding by the supreme duty of human being to help the denizens of darkness emerge out to the bright shimmering sun; Literacy Mission was established in the winters of 2004. The founders of the Literacy Mission were students of NITH Mr. Amit Sharma, Mr. Aseem Kapoor, Mr. Ashish Chaudhary and some other fellow mates, who were distressed at seeing the pitiable conditions of kids who roamed in the campus and fantasized about a life worth living. Literacy Mission started with the vision of adorning the lives of kids residing in nearby slums with a bouquet of education so that their childhood would remain as precious as that of the other children.

These kids come from the families labouring at construction sites and most of them are immigrants from different states and some from the neighbouring countries too, foraging for livelihood. The quality of their life is so impoverish that they could not provide the basic necessities for the growth of their children. Consequently, the kids are deprived of education as well as an apt environment to nourish.

Literacy Mission endeavours to facilitate the kids with the anything and everything which endows them to accomplish success in field of education in order to make them better citizens of India. Efforts are being made to bring every opportunity to raise them intellectually and enrich their lives.

Initially, Literacy Mission faced trials and tribulations to accommodate kids and finance their needs. Moreover the volunteers backing the cause lacked the emotional endorsement. The volunteers could not get the rooms for teaching the kids. But soon, with the immense support of some of the faculty members Literacy Mission was able to get a place to dwell. Financial scarcity was one of the major weaknesses with the Mission, but the team fostered the idea of a cultural cum charity festival ‘PRAYAS’-Concert For A Cause” with the purpose of generating funds. One of the foremost challenges was to convince the parents towards their wards’ education. But with the constant visit to the parents and the pursuit of Mission in the course to literate kids, made volunteers earn the faith of families and they started sending their kids to study at Literacy Mission. As per the rule of nature, though it may pose hurdles to strengthen the noble yet never inhibits the most aspirant. Henceforth Literacy Mission grew in its entire domain and outshone.
Literacy Mission earned its identity in 2006 when it was made an extra-curricular activity for students at NITH. Since then the Mission has attracted many students of the institute. The daily classes of Literacy Mission are held at lecture halls of NITH which enrols more than 150 kids, 40 regular volunteers and a total of 100 volunteers. Sometimes, volunteers versus kids ratio becomes 1:2, seldom found in schools. In its focus to groom kids, Literacy Mission has been actively organising various extra curricular activities like drawing and painting competitions, essay writing competition, extempore, etc. to make them recognize their talents. Movies and plays are shown, general knowledge and presentation based quiz are also organised and rewards are presented to provide them a morale boost up. Major national and Cultural festivals are celebrated with the aim of bejewelling their lives with a moment of ecstasy.

Literacy Mission has always tried to add its bit to the life of kids and shall continue its efforts to the good of being� Embracing the thought that

“Every child must know that he is a miracle, that since the beginning of the world there hasn’t been, and until the end of the world there will not be, another child like him”


1. Daily evening classes are conducted to teach the children of daily wage workers living in slums in and around NITH from 4:50pm to 6:15pm. The students of NIT, Hamirpur teach them after their classes.

2. Special classes for moral science by Dr. Anoop Kumar, MED, NIT Hamirpur are organized weekly along with English classes.

3. Extra time is given to the senior students especially for the students preparing for competitive exams like IIT-JEE, AIEEE, Navodaya, CPMT, and NTSE etc.

4. Computer courses and soft skill development courses are conducted for children to make them computer literate in this competitive world.

5. Financial aid is given to the children for their studies and health care in the form of stationary, school fees and medicines etc.

6. Yoga and Pranayama sessions are organized daily in the morning.

7. Art Excel courses are organized every alternate year with the help of “The Art of Living”. Daily follow up of Sudarshan Kriya.

8. Extra-curricular activities like singing, dancing, painting, sketching and hand-writing competitions are conducted regularly to refresh the children’s minds and to build confidence among them.

9. Exercise for a healthy body is must, so sports and games are organized weekly.

10. Medical camp and health awareness camps are timely organized to spread awareness about health and hygiene not only among the children but also among their parents. Medical assistance is also provided when needed.

11. Seasonal clothes are distributed among the children and their families to help them against harsh weather conditions.

12. Nutritious and proteinous supplements are distributed to children daily in the mornings and twice a week in the evenings to motivate them.

13. Items of daily use are also distributed occasionally.

14. All national and cultural festivals are celebrated together by the Literacy kids, students and faculty members with great zeal and enthusiasm

15. Active participation of kids in various institutional events such as Hill’ffair (Annual cultural fest of NIT Hamirpur) is ensured.

16. ‘PRAYAS’, the Annual cultural-cum-charity event of Literacy Mission is organized with great enthusiasm in NIT, Hamirpur where Literacy kids as well as NITHians perform together on same stage. This event not only generates funds of year round activities of Literacy Mission but also provides the children a platform to showcase their talents.


1.Every consecutive year since 2010, is crowned with the success of kids at JNV. In 2010, Lalita ; in 2011, Deepak; in 2012 neetu and in 2013 Ajay got selected at JNV.

2. Chandan Bhagat got selected in JEE- Mains 2013 and got a seat in Mechanical Engineering at NIT Patna..

3.Dalip qualified in PAT(POLYTECHNIC ADMISSION TEST- 2013) organised by Himachal Pradesh Taknki Shiksha Board , Dharamshala and got a seat in Govt. Polytechnic Ambota (Una). .

4. Lalita, a 5th grade student has topped the regional board comprising of 8 schools, with a percentage of 95.8%, in the year 2010. She also cleared the Javahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Selection Test � 2010 and is studying at JNV Dungari, Hamirpur district.

5. Another student of the Literacy Mission, Mr. Bhupendra has cleared the Air Force exam.

6. A 4-year old girl, Arpita, whose parents are daily wage workers from Chhattisgarh, was suffering from multiple cysts in the Kidney. She was successfully operated in PGIMER Chandigarh, with timely effort and support from Literacy Mission’s volunteers and assistance from the faculty, the staff and the students of NIT, Hamirpur.

7. Another four year old child, Prince, whose parents are daily wage workers, had a hole in his heart. He was successfully operated in ESCORT Hospital, DELHI, with timely effort and support of Literacy Mission’s volunteers and assistance from Dr. Y.D. Sharma , Dr. Anoop Kumar(Faculty Coordinators) and ROTARY CLUB, Hamirpur.

8. On the occasion of silver jubilee celebration, ‘ROTARY CLUB, HAMIRPUR’ brought ‘LITERACY MISSION’ into limelight and honored them for the valuable role played in Prince’s treatment.

9. In a special visit to NIT Hamirpur for the Annual Convocation, 3rd January 2009, the former President Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam showed great interest in various activities of NITH Literacy Mission.

10. The performance of the children has shown a significant improvement in the past few years. Around 15 to 20 students have achieved top 3 positions in their respective classes.

11. Our students are actively taking part in the Annual Cultural Festival of NITH, Hill’ffair and Annual Technical Festival, NIMBUS, exhibiting their multi-dimensional talents

12. Four training programmes based on computer education were organized exclusively for Literacy Mission Students by NIT Hamirpur. Most of the children have been made computer literate. Painting and Sketching program was also organized in association with the Architecture Department, NIT Hamirpur.

13. Two girls Ritu and Pankaj successfully completed their ITI course. Ritu topped her ITI college with 81% marks. Pankaj Scored 79% in the same exam.


‘Kindness is a language the blind can see, the dumb can speak and the deaf can hear’

PRAYAS is the Annual cultural-cum-charity festival of Literacy Mission. It provides opportunity for students to come forward and showcase their talents in different extracurricular activities and undoubtedly enhance their confidence. In this fest, students of NIT Hamirpur perform as one with those of the Literacy Mission. Over the years this function has generated a lot of interest among the students and faculty of NIT Hamirpur.

PRAYAS is not only a cultural event, but also our way to express gratitude to all our sponsors who so generously help us in this noble endeavor.

This year we celebrate PRAYAS, to commemorate 7 successful years of contribution to make the society a better one. This year, PRAYAS is going to be organised on the 12th of April, 2014 with a theme ‘Dagar Nanhe Kadmo Ki’.