We welcome you to the enthralling yet captivating world of NIT Sparrows. Our team has worked assiduously to bring forth this chronicle of eclectic information. The website circumscribes various facets which we hope will come in handy for all idiosyncrasies of college life. A prelude to this website would includes study material, blogs on various relevant issues and topics, advertisements of various events and what not. Sounds enticing, doesn’t it? Well there are even more dimensions to it. Let us take a look.

NIT Sparrows primarily targets undergraduate students. Despite their large numbers, contacting undergraduates has been made an effortless task. Some forms have been developed in order to contact the connoisseurs of various fields in a simplistic yet subtle manner. This would make abstraction of information straightforward and trouble-free. This section would also help you find people of common interest from across the grid and you might come across an opportunity you have been craving for.

Another promising feature is the Online Library. Imagine having access to all the relevant books in a central server without any fuss whatsoever. This highly convenient feature is accessible on https://nitsparrows.com/books/ . The books are updated on the PHI learning server. The download links are provided on the website hence simplifying a seemingly tedious task of spending numerous weekends in the library searching for books. All of this is just one click away.

Forms for trainings, placements, internships and projects for different enterprises available on NIT Sparrows make it easier for students to align themselves in their career choices. Our team has kept all aspects in mind while designing this page. We are confident students would find this section extremely simple to access and equally useful. We have also included an information section concerned with training & placement, internship, publications and research. This section has been designed mainly in order for you to acquire information from a centralized and organized location rather than skimming through various websites.

Let us come down to the creativity section. This section offers brilliant opportunity to students who are creative and a have passion for originality. Students ardent about writing articles, making documentaries or advertisements and even those who have the entrepreneurial bug would feel elated after going through this section. NIT Sparrows invites students to write their minds and their hearts out about any subject of intellect and we would publish it. Imagine reaching out to 50,000 students. You heard us right. A similar opportunity has been provided to all creative students out there. Here’s your chance to create and take credit.

Living true to its motto, “a site acting as a platform to unite students at all levels”, NIT Sparrows also advertises about popular and recent competitions for students helps in rewarding them with prizes as well. This section intends to give students the competitive edge needed to succeed. This section would be updated from time to time hence keep track of the wonderful opportunities coming your way.

We have worked towards a direction, towards a unanimous goal. Our goal is to create a virtual space where the ideas are real. Hence, our team has created NIT Sparrows. A platform where we merge our thoughts and ideas, needs and necessities, creativity and passion in order to make a student’s life simpler. Hence we look forward to any queries you may have regarding our website. We hope you would be appreciative.